Hi there, I’m Lucy! I’m a mum, step-mum, and qualified nutritionist who is passionate about nourishing the next generation – our little people – with delicious wholefoods. I’m a self-confessed “foodie” and I’ve loved cooking and creating recipes since the day I was tall enough to reach the kitchen bench.

Helping to raise my two step daughters, and after the birth my son in 2016, I became increasingly aware of the lack of nutritionally sound information available to pregnant mum’s and first-time parents. A quick trip down the supermarket aisle showed the majority of commercial baby and toddler food products that were being marketed as ‘healthy’ were loaded with hidden sugars, vegetable oils and artificial ingredients. It became clear to me that the course to junk food and long-term health problems was being charted as early as the fruit purees and flavoured yoghurts, cereal bars and teething biscuits we were being fed, and we were feeding to our children.

Through my work as a Nutritionist and the ramblings on this blog, I hope I can help educate, inspire and empower you mums, mums-to-be, parents and careers to make healthier food choices for your kids, right from the start… without spending anymore time cooking or shopping for food than you already do. In fact, I encourage you to enlist the kid’s help in all aspects of food preparation – teaching them to cook is one of the beat gifts we can give and it breeds food acceptance.

As a busy working mum, I understand what it takes to feed hungry (and often fussy) mouths at the end of the day. At my table, meal times are about nourishment and enjoyment, so you won’t find any fancy food-styling or studio kitchens, just real food cooked in a home kitchen with well-loved pots and pans, miss-matched cutlery, sinks filled with washing up, children (and floors) covered in food because real life, includes all the burnt bits around the edges. Thankfully my awesome husband always does the dishes ;).

Home is in Sydney with my gorgeous boys: husband, Matt, and toddler, Otis, and where I spend time being second-mum to our two wonderful girls. Currently Matt, Otis and I are doing a big lap of Australia in our RV – this has thrown a whole new set of healthy eating challenges at me and I’ve been enjoying creating recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare, even when you have limited access to fresh food and a very small van kitchen to cook in! I’m also an expert contributor to lifestyle.com.au.

I hope you’ve been inspired to try and new recipe of mine here – together, we can create happier and healthier futures for our children.

Lucy x


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