So excited to have finally found a great sugar-free substitute for my chocolate cravings! Thank you Sarah Wilson for this fabulous chocolate nut ball recipe – I’m likening them to a Coconut Rough. Yum. I’ve just trilalled them on some of my sugar loving test dummies at work and they were very well received.

These really are delicious balls of healthy, anti-oxidising goodness. They contain  zero sugar and are rich in good fats like butter and coconut oil so you won’t want to gorge on them (like I do chocolate)… they’ll fill you up nicely! Even better, they take minutes to prepare – just put everything in the kitchen whiz.

Sarah’s original recipe can be found here and below is the recipe I created from her suggested ingredients. This really is just a guide – don’t be too precise, add more of less of ingredients you love or to adjust the consistency.

Healthy chocolate nut balls

Makes: 16 balls; Prep time: 5mins; Cool time: 20mins

Half a jar almond spread

250g organic nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts) *or any of your favorite nuts

1/2 cup raw cacoa powder

2 big handfuls shredded coconut

100g organic salted butter *or 200g if you don’t have coconut oil

4-5 Tbsps coconut butter (coconut oil)

2 tsps Stevia (Natvia)

2 tsps cinnamon

Small handful cacao nibs (super high in antioxidants)

2 Tbps LSA

2 Tbsps chia seeds

–       Grind the nuts and cacao nibs in the kitchen whiz – just enough to make them coarse and gravely (you don’t want them like dust)

–       Add the cacoa powder, coconut, stevia, LSA, almond spread, butter and mix

–       Add the coconut oil while the whiz is still on a low speed. The mixture will be quite wet because of the butter and coconut oil – they will harden up after some time in the fridge, but is its too wet, just add some more chia seeds or LSA (dry stuff)

–       Form small handfuls in to balls and pop them on a baking paper lined metal tray and in to the fridge for an hour (or freezer for 20 mins)

Enjoy them (gulit-free) for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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