Wraps are a great lighter lunch alternative to bread, but finding a gluten-free wrap in the supermarket can be a little tricky, as most contain unwanted additives and preservatives, or they simply fall apart on you the minute you try to roll them up.

These Buckwheat Wraps are nice and flexible and so easy-to-make in the blender – I keep a jar of the mixture in the fridge, so all I need to do come lunchtime is shake, pour and cook as many as I need.

They were on the table for lunch again today, filled with Bunya Grove preservative-free free-range ham and salad… gosh, I think I’d forgotten how good ham & salad was?!

You can find the recipe here. And if you’re looking for another gluten-free wrap, these Spinach Wraps are a favourite in our house.

Happy cooking! Lucy x


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