• written over the month of October.

DOING: sitting under the awning of our RV while Otis has a nap – he still loves his daytime sleep and I’m so grateful for this 1.5 hours of peace a day (that I try and cram a million things in to).

HEARING: the sound of children playing in the caravan park pool and the sprinklers watering the grass.

DRINKING: my favourite herbal tea at the moment, no. 34 Sacred Calm, and it’s every bit what it says it is on the label!

EATING + COOKING: we’re staying in one place, Broome, for a few weeks now, as Matt travels to Melbourne for work, so I feel more inclined to get cooking more than just throw-together meals when we’re not moving around so much. I’m using some beautiful fresh rocket and chard from the markets wherever I can – alongside eggs, through pastas and simply sautéed with drizzle with EVOO and a squeeze of lemon. Lunch we’ve been eating out occasionally – the chili bean bowl with a poached egg and extra avocado from Good Cartel is one Otis and I love to share. Dinner we’ve been taking down to the beach for a picnic on the grass – roasted root vegetables, cold meat, fresh greens and a green parsley sauce I’ve been making and putting on everything!

WANTING: this shower gel that I accidentally left in a caravan park amenities block a few weeks in to the trip. As silly as it seems, it was one small luxury that I brought with me – I just love the way the smell made me feel and it felt so good to scrub the red dirt and sweat and sand off with it at the end of the day. Oh and the new Ottolenghi cookbook, Simple.

LOOKING: at how bad the melasma on my cheeks and forehead are now after living the last 5-months mostly outdoors in the outback. The sun has been ferocious and although I wear sunblock and a hat every day, sun exposure is just unavoidable. I hate how dirty it makes my face look, especially as I wear no make-up most days now.

LISTENING: Hush Vol. 13 – a collection of classical music that was originally developed to reduce stress and anxiety in hospitals. Putamayo Jazz Café. The FX Medicine podcast (usually when making dinner and I get a moment to myself).

LAUGHING: at all the funny way’s Otis says things like “cumbumber” (cucumber), “bobelies” (blueberries), “matoes” (tomatoes), “obelie” (olives) and “moosie” smoothie.

GRATEFUL: for this opportunity. To spent time, all of my time, with my boys travelling the country.

DECIDING: what Otis and I will do when Matt travels back to Sydney next month.

READING: about toddler toilet training. Otis is almost 2.5yo and although there are a few signs that tell me he might be ready, there are more that tell me he’s not quite. We’re happy to wait a little while longer until we’re sure – it can be detrimental to start to early and long car trips are made much easier with nappies after all!

WATCHING: The Handmaids Tale – again, another one we’re late to the party with. We’re both enjoying it, but it’s almost too much for me to watch before going to bed – can anyone suggest a great light-hearted or comedy series to watch next? I also watch Tracy Anderson’s 10-minute workout videos on-line – squeezing in exercise on the road is hard, but I can find 10-minutes most days.

WEARING: these muscle tanks, every day – I bought a few in the sale before we left and I live in them, Denim shorts and overalls from Cotton On and my Akubra.

ENJOYING: being back on the coast! Oh feeling that salt water and sea breeze is so so good. We’ve been in the hot and blustery (and smoky – lots of bushfires) outback travelling through central Australia for the last few months and so looking forward to getting back to the coast.

PLAYING: at playgrounds and water playgrounds. Long drives always require a few stops on the way to stretch our legs and let Otis have a run around – it’s always a bonus when we find a great playground too. Broome and Exmouth have had these water/spray playgrounds which Otis has absolutely loved!

PLANNING: where we might be for Christmas. It’s hard to plan anything when we have no plans beyond the next few days, but we want to be in/around Perth for Christmas – a lot of Matt’s family is there and we’re hoping to bring the girls over during the school holidays.

CRAVING: a Bikram yoga class! It’s been months since I lasted practised and both my mind and body are craving it. I’ve been practising for over 10-years now and love the combination of cardio and open-eye-meditation it offers. Oh, and the iced dirty chai over coconut milk from Good Cartel.

LOVING: cocktail hour at the beach with my boys. Every afternoon take our drinks – at the moment it’s the Matso’s ginger beer, and Oti’s buckets and spades and drive on to Cable Beach. We hang and dig holes and splash in the waves and collect sea treasures and take deep breaths of fresh salt air. Sometimes it takes exercises in reflection like this to really appreciate the special moments you get with the ones you love every day.

SAVOURING: Otis’s every affectionate moment. This kid runs at a million miles an hour and never stay still for long, so it’s those spontaneous kisses and cuddles that he offers that I just hang on to and bank in my memory forever.

BUYING: hand-made resin earrings and green mango chutney from the local markets. And fridge magnets – fridge magnets and tea towels are our travel souveniers.

FEELING: relaxed. For the first time in a long time. Down at the beach, when I’m arm-in-arm with Matt and Otis is happy chasing seagulls and playing in rock pools. I feel relaxed.

Happenings posts inspired by Heidi.

Lucy x


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