know the stress and anxiety having an extremely fussy eater can cause… especially when the lack of proper nutrition begins to affect a child’s development. I see this with my clients and I feel this as a step-mum. So whilst we work on ways to overcome these issues – and this takes time – I find having a handful of simple recipes that are pimped (aka hidden) with extra nutrients really helps to ease the stress and anxiety and make mealtimes more pleasant for everyone.

… and this, is one of those recipes!

A pumpkin soup that is loaded with 5 different vegetables, bone broth, herbs, spices and nourishing fats – it’s nutrient-dense and delicious and it’s just plain old pumpkin soup… right?! Pumpkin is a sweet vegetable so I find it’s deemed ok by most kids.

When there’s an exceptionally picky eater at our table, I always make a big batch of this… and it gives me great comfort knowing their body is receiving the nourishment it needs, especially when they devour a bowl, and then ask for more.

You’ll find the recipe here and if you want to pimp the veggie (and protein) content even more, you can add a drained tin of cannelloni beans in there too.

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Lucy x


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