Slice’s are kind of old school. My mum always made us a slice for our school lunches – there was a Date Crumble slice, a Strawberry Jam & Coconut slice and of course (as a child of the 80s) a Mars Bar slice. None of them were particularly nourishing but they were delicious and I so looked forward to seeing what slice mum would be making us each week. This year, I’m bring back the slice. So, if you’re looking for something sweet to mix things up between muffins, cookies and bliss balls, this recipe is for you.

The base of this deliciously versatile slice allows you to utilise any fruit you have on hand as a topping – although, I’ve found berries and stone fruit work best as the slice soaks up their warm juices once cooked, adding more colour, sweetness and flavour.

I started making a variation of this when we lived in the van travelling around Oz, something I could pull together from pantry staples and whatever fruit was in season, or the frozen organic berries I always had stashed in the freezer. It’s naturally sweet and filling, holds together once sliced (just make sure you allow it to cool completely first, or it will crumble) and it freezes well, making it the perfect nourishing lunchbox slice. It’s also gluten free, and if your school is nut free simply replace the almond meal with sunflower seed meal or more buckwheat flour.

Check out the recipe here.

Happy Cooking!
Lucy x


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